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Cristofori's Dream
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Your Inner Fish: A Journey Into The 3.5 Billion Year History Of The Human Body
Neil Shubin, Marc Cashman
The Enchanted Wood
Enid Blyton
The Sparrow
Mary Doria Russell
The Ghosts Of Evolution Nonsensical Fruit, Missing Partners, And Other Ecological Anachronisms
Connie Barlow

One Amazing Thing

One Amazing Thing - Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni The name of the author might not easily roll off your tongue, but stories certainly roll easily off the tongue of the author. One Amazing thing is the story of a group of strangers trapped together in a building collapsed by an earthquake. They decide to pass the time telling their most life-shaping stories to each other. I thought from the title of the book that this was going to be a book where everyone told one "amazing" thing from their life, but the characters mainly tell their deepest, darkest secrets. Most of these secrets are what led them to be in this office together in the first place, applying for a visa to go to India. Perhaps, later, if they survive, the story they tell of their survival together in this earthquake would be their true "one amazing thing".

This book is thought-provoking enough and titled in such a way that I wouldn't be surprised if it were to become an Oprah book club pick at some point. I haven't read one of those types of books in a while and often cringe thinking of reading a book that becomes hyped in such a way. But for the sake of this talented author, I hope the book gets the fame it deserves.

Note: While I critique both purchased and free books in the same way, I'm legally obligated to tell you I received this book free through the Amazon Vine program in return for my review. Blah blah blah.