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Cristofori's Dream
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Your Inner Fish: A Journey Into The 3.5 Billion Year History Of The Human Body
Neil Shubin, Marc Cashman
The Enchanted Wood
Enid Blyton
The Sparrow
Mary Doria Russell
The Ghosts Of Evolution Nonsensical Fruit, Missing Partners, And Other Ecological Anachronisms
Connie Barlow

Resurrecting Mars

Resurrecting Mars - Brandon Spacey Spacey always writes amazingly lifelike characters. Whether or not you actually like them is another story. But the trick is that the author gets you to want to read about the characters whether you like them or not. In the case of these characters, I pretty much loathed all of them except maybe Mike. The girls were too girly-girl squealy. Donnie's a casual genius guy's-guy rich bastard. And pretty much everyone seems to want to take advantage of or cheat him out of his wealth in one way or the other. And even if they don't, you assume they all do. Also, there's probably more vomit in this book than I've seen in real life in a decade. Dead body? Yak. Think you're gonna die? Yak.

The first half of the book went a little more slowly since it's all set-up for all the people trying to cheat Donnie in someway or another as his private satellite company prepares for a trip to Mars. There seems to be a rat behind every rock along the way. But when you have millions of dollars to throw around, who's going to miss a few of them? Right? The second half of the book is the pay off. The reader knows something's amiss and who to point the finger of blame at, but still the mystery lies in exactly what's going to go wrong on the way to Mars and why.

I found myself turning pages as quickly as I could in the last half of the book. However, I have to say that I was a little disappointed at the ending. Yes, I had a hunch about how the book would turn out, but I expected more of an explanation. The final chapter, which is called "Closure", didn't really give me any. It just made me need a 3rd book in this universe to tell me exactly what's going on. Will Callie go to "Fiji"? Will Callie and Walter ever get it on? What's Royal really up to? What do we need to know about Shanna? Who's gonna yak next? How will gravity affect everyone's boobs on Mars? Ya know ... gotta answer the important questions.