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Cristofori's Dream
Robert Italia
Your Inner Fish: A Journey Into The 3.5 Billion Year History Of The Human Body
Neil Shubin, Marc Cashman
The Enchanted Wood
Enid Blyton
The Sparrow
Mary Doria Russell
The Ghosts Of Evolution Nonsensical Fruit, Missing Partners, And Other Ecological Anachronisms
Connie Barlow


Elsewhere - Gabrielle Zevin This story is a simple one, but I liked it. It seems like it could easily become a classic because the story is one that seems as if it should have always been there.

Elsewhere is the name of the place that 15-year-old Lizzie goes when she dies. It's a place that looks much like earth and even has an observation deck to view scenes from earth in 5-minute increments. In Elsewhere, you age backward and return to earth by floating down the river when you're7 days old again.

It's a story with romance, happiness, forbidden places, talking dogs, lots of emotions, and a little adventure. I think it's universally interesting and a nice, relaxing read.