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The Ghosts Of Evolution Nonsensical Fruit, Missing Partners, And Other Ecological Anachronisms
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The Ask and the Answer

The Ask and the Answer - Patrick Ness In this episode of Chaos Walking, there's far less walking because everyone's being subjugated. But to what end? Who's the good guy and who's the bad guy? What's the point of the war that's raging? It seems to be some combination of fear and testosterone that's got it going. But isn't that most wars? So, in 5 months time, the new settlers will arrive on the planet to find that the planet they're arriving on is at war. Great fun.

It seems that the main problem all along on this planet has been is that the women's thoughts can't be heard while the men's can't. But then there's a cure that allows men to hide their thoughts. So why in the world would you take the cure away and still seek to separate everyone out and set up a militia to keep the people under subjugation unless you're just a psychopath?

Even the "good" characters in this series are idiots. "I'll do anything if you keep Viola safe," Todd keeps saying. And this apparently includes tagging the native population like cattle and treating them like slaves. It always amazes me to see that people can be bought in this way to do horrible things. The bargain becomes that you or someone you love stay alive if you do something awful to someone else. You see so much of this in the history of the world that you wonder what you'd do in the same situation, especially if there's no way to play the hero because the world's against you. But I suppose that those who refused to do such things are often forgotten because they're simply eliminated.

Ugh. Why did I buy the complete series? I should have known by now that most series get progressively worse. Perhaps I dislike this installment of the series because the characters infuriate me and I don't understand them. I can never understand the scheming madmen of the world who defy logic with their actions. Once again, I don't think that my disdain comes as a result of the author's poor writing but from my dislike of the characters in the book. Yes, Viola is still a beaming beacon of virtue, but everyone else is a fairly poor representation of humanity. It sort of makes you wish they'd wipe each other out and get done with it and that all the new settlers would crash to their deaths so that they'd not repeat the same stupid mistakes, leaving the native population to the planet that belongs to them.

I want to dislike this series, but the author had me immediately reaching for the 3rd novel in the series as soon as I finished the last word of novel #2. Blast him. Argh! I think I'd like to rename book #1 as Running, book #2 as Imprisonment, and book #3 as War. Not my normal idea of a fun read, but ... yeah. Only 8 more hours to go in the series (says my Kindle)!